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First, verify that you're a good candidate. If you are experiencing one or more of the conditions below, you must get clearance from your physician before receiving Microblading: History of Hemophilia or excessive bleeding Diabetes or other conditions which may affect blood circulation and/or the ability to fight infection History of skin disease, skin lesions, or skin sensitivities to soaps or disinfectants History of allergies or adverse reactions to latex, pigments, dyes, disinfectants, metals, or other sensitivities related to microblading procedures History of epilepsy, seizures, fainting, or narcolepsy Treatment with anticoagulants or other medications that thin the blood and/or interfere with blood clotting Currently pregnant and/or breastfeeding Donating blood before or after the procedure

After arriving, all new appointments start with a consultation. We will ask you some questions and start eyebrow shaping with a professional pencil. After the shape is outlined, your eyebrows will be numbed with a topical cream for about 30 minutes. 

When your eyebrows have gone numb, your artist will use a microblading pen to apply pigment to the skin, lightly scratching it. Microblading aftercare instructions will be given to you.


"Hospitality, Punctual, Excellent Service and Very Pleased with microblading on my eyebrows. I will return, refer, and share with others this business." "A1 Service"


"My results were spot on, exactly what I wanted. The process was painless. Charlie explained every step of the procedure and I can say from my experience, she is a master of her craft. I highly recommend."


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