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All new appointments start with a consultation. We will ask you some questions, take pictures, and start eyebrow shaping with a professional pencil. After the shape is outlined, your eyebrows will be numbed with a topical anesthetic for about 30 minutes.

What to expect


A new disposable microblading pen is used for each service.


Every pigment color is custom mixed for the best match for your eyebrows and is safe for the skin.

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Using a microblading pen, your artist will gently scratch the skin, depositing pigment into the skin. Most people experience no pain and some describe the feeling as a scratching sensation. Aftercare instructions are given to you after the procedure.


"The proprietor was very informative about the procedure making me feel comfortable and her work is amazing! I couldn’t be happier!! I will definitely be going back for any necessary touch ups."


"My results were spot on, exactly what I wanted. The process was painless. Charlie explained every step of the procedure and I can say from my experience, she is a master of her craft. I highly recommend."



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